Tony Thompson

Democratic Candidate
Iowa House District 45

Upcoming Events

Polk City Four Seasons Festival Parade

Saturday July 20

Line up 9AM

Parade 10 AM

Tiara and Tony's
Summer Fundraiser

Saturday July 20

3:30 - 5:30 PM

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Meet Tony

Meet Tony Thompson. As a 4th generation Iowan with life-long ties to this district, Tony cares deeply about this place we call home. Like many of you, Tony would like to restore common sense and respect across our state.

After traveling around the world to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and pursue an advanced degree, Tony came back to his family's farm Iowa in 2013. In addition to a career working with data, Tony has been working to grow the market for local foods in Iowa via the online food hub co-located on our family's century farm. What Tony has seen over the past decade troubles him, and he wants to work with you and other citizens from around the state to make it the kind of place we want to raise our kids.

Let's create a better tomorrow by working together.

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Issues &
Decision Making

Tony wants to invest in Iowa and hard-working Iowans.

People who work full-time should be able to afford a simple, decent life. We need a fair tax system that balances sufficient revenue for effective government services that benefit all Iowans. We need a fair economy.

A fair economy requires people who are prepared to contribute to it. The brightness of our future for all Iowa families depends on our commitment to public education and human health. Caring for our environment is critical to our health, livelihood, and recreation as well as sustaining our economy.

Equally as important as the issues themselves is how we make decisions on these issues. The following guides Tony when making decisions: 

  1. Respect life.
  2. Seek to understand all perspectives.
  3. Find the right role for government.

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